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Gulshan e Maymar a master planned housing society on KDA Scheme 45 and 33. It is ideally located in KDA Scheme 45 near M10 Motorway and Taiser Town. It is about ten kilometers north-east of Sohrab Goth / F.B. Area and approximately 15 kilometers from the Expo Center. Its postal code is 75340. This township is from 1970s and recently it is ideal for living. Read More Read Less

Maymar is one of the best master planned neighborhood of Karachi and each sector and sub sector has parks, mosques, and other necessary civic facilities. The town planning is great. The roads in Gulshan-e-Maymar are wide and have green belts throughout the society. The minimum width of streets is 40 feet for plots 240 square yards and above, however some streets are 30 feet wide in smaller category plots’ sectors like 120 yards and 80 yards. There is a space also in front of plot and road / street for plantation and elevation. Gulshan-e-Maymay spread over huge land, and for the development purpose it has been divided into several sectors and sub sectrs Like. These sectors has numerous sizes of residential and commercial plots. FEATURES * Affordable properties for High to Middle Class and also for low income groups * Well planned infrastructure with managed sectors * Few Public transport accessible * Affordable residential and commercial units * Access to several banks, hospital, parks, schools and colleges * Wide roads and clusters of green belts
This page provides you compelete property insights of Gulshan-e-Maymar. A comprehensive area guide of Gulshan-e-Maymar with relevance to Property for Sale, Property on Rent, Property Required, Current Market Prices, High Resolutiion Maps, Location on Google Map and latest updates.

Sub-Divisions in Gulshan-e-Maymar

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See the available properties for sale or rent. Plots, Villas, Houses & Apartments for sale / rent in Gulshan-e-Maymar

House for sale in Diamond City Gulshan e Maymar karachi
Rs. 11,000,000
Area 80 Sqy Category General Position West Open
Rs. 5,500,000
Area 1100 Sqf Category Corner Position East Open
200 SY house for sale in Gulshan e Maymar Sector X6
Rs. 18,000,000
Area 200 Sqy Category General Position East Open
Diamond city 80 sq yards west open leased plot for sale
Rs. 4,500,000
Area 80 Sqy Category General Position West Open
120 Yards portion on rent in Gulshan-e-Maymar
Rs. 20,000
Area 120 Sqy Category General Position West Open
120 Yards portion on rent in Gulshan-e-Maymar
Rs. 20,000
Area 120 Sqy Category General Position West Open
1100 SQ feet apartment is available for rent in Gulshan-e-Maymar
Rs. 18,000
Area 1100 Sqy Category General Position East Open
120 Sqy Single House for rent Sector Z Maymar
Rs. 23,000
Area 120 Sqy Category General Position East Open
SNo To Property Title Type Budget Posted Status
1Buy120 yards to 240yardsPlot1,000,00024/11/2021Available
2Buy120 yards to 240 yardsPlot1,000,00024/11/2021Available
3Buy120 yards plot required MaymarPlot8,000,00003/11/2021Available
4Buy120 yd open plotPlot231/10/2021Available
5BuyRequired 200 or 240 sq yards in Bahria Town KarachiPlot5,000,00019/10/2021Available
6BuyRequired Plot in Cottage Industry Sector 63 Taiser TownPlot500,00019/10/2021Available
7Buy250 square yards in Bahria Town KarachiPlot5,000,00018/10/2021Available
8Buy120 yard plot Required in Sector 29 Taiser TownPlot650,00018/10/2021Available
10Rent200 yards House required on RentHome25,00004/10/2021Available
11BuyResidential & commercial plot required Scheme 33Plot150,00004/10/2021Available
12BuyRequired Taiser Town Karachi PlotsPlot100,00025/09/2021Available
13Buyneed 120 yard house in Surjani TownPlot5,000,00022/09/2021Available
14Buyneed 120 yard house in Gulshan-e-MaymarHome5,000,00022/09/2021Available
15BuyNeed 120 square yard house Home7,000,00029/08/2021Available
16Buy1000 yards Plot Required in Bahria Town Plot15,000,00024/08/2021Available
17BuyRequired 80/120 yards Main Road in Sector 73/74 Taiser TownPlot2,000,00018/08/2021Available
18BuyNeed 120 Sqy yd West Open Gound Plus 2 House in Malir Home14,000,00015/08/2021Available
19Buy120 sq yard plot required in Sector 77 Taiser TownPlot2,000,00001/08/2021Available
20BuyRequired 200sqy commercial in Taiser Town Phase 1Plot200,00023/07/2021Available
21Buy120 Sq yard plot required near Gulshan-e-Maymar or Saadi TownPlot6,000,00016/07/2021Available
22Buy400 square yard in sector 3 sahafi colony Hawkbay Scheme 42Plot3,000,00010/07/2021Available
23Buy120 Sq yard plot requiredPlot300,00009/07/2021Available
24BuyHouse Required 120 or 150 sq yard in Gulshan, Maymar, BufferzoneHome8,000,00006/07/2021Available
25RentRequired House on Rent In Saima Arabian VillasHome25,00028/06/2021Available
26BuyRequired 120 sq/yard west open, first floor apartment Gulistan-e-JoharApartment5,000,00023/06/2021Available
27Buy240 sq Required in Surjani Town Sector 7DPlot2,800,00022/06/2021Available
28BuyRequired Plot in Garden city Any block Plot5,000,00014/06/2021Available
29BuyNeed 250 Sq yards House in Sector 11A or 11B North KarachiHome21,500,00011/06/2021Available
30BuyRequired Apartment in Bisma Residency Gulistan-e-Johar Block 13Apartment8,000,00009/06/2021Available
31Buy200 or 240 square yards in Saadi Garden Scheme 33Plot5,000,00008/06/2021Available
32RentRequired 2 Bed DD Portion or Flat on Rent upto 30KApartment30,00006/06/2021Available
33BuyRequired 120 Plot in Scheme 33 or 45Plot3,000,00004/06/2021Available
34Rent240sq yds Portion required on Rent in Scheme 33Portion30,00030/05/2021Available
35BuyRequired 2 Beds Apartment in budget of 35-40 LakhApartment3,500,00024/05/2021Available
36BuyRequired 240 Sr Yards HouseHome22,500,00019/05/2021Available
37BuyRequired Plot 120 and 200 Square yards in Garden city Block A or B Plot800,00017/05/2021Available
38BuyRequired 80 yards in Sector 72/81 Taiser Town KarachiPlot425,00017/05/2021Available
39BuyRequired 400 Sq yards plot in merchant navyPlot30,000,00007/05/2021Available
40BuyNeed 125 sq yds. plot in Precinct 14 Bahria Town KarachiPlot4,000,00002/05/2021Available
41BuyRequired 2 Beds Apartment in Saima Arabian VillasApartment4,000,00014/04/2021Available
42BuyRequired 240 or 400 sq yard Taiser town SlipPlot80,00011/04/2021Available
43Buy120 sq yards residential plot Naya NazimabadPlot3,500,00010/04/2021Available
44BuyPlot required Naya nazimabadPlot3,300,00008/04/2021Available
45Buy200 or 240 square yards in Ahsan GardenPlot3,000,00003/04/2021Available
46BuyHouse or portion requiredPortion3,500,00030/03/2021Available
47BuyRequired Cottage Industry Cr Plots Taiser Town KarachiPlot200,00027/03/2021Available
48Buy120 yards plot required in Surjani Sector 14CPlot1,000,00023/03/2021Available
49Buy120 yards residential plot in Scheme 33Plot4,000,00016/03/2021Available
50BuyNeed 120 sq plot in Scheme 45Plot300,00009/03/2021Available
51BuyRequired Plot in Atap CityPlot7,500,00009/03/2021Available
52BuyNeed 120 yards residential plotPlot3,000,00008/03/2021Available
53Buy120, 200 Sq.Yard Plot.Plot1,300,00019/02/2021Available
54BuyNeed 120 Sq Yard plot in Twenty OnePlot500,00018/02/2021Available
55BuyRequired 4 Bed room apartment in CliftonApartment40,000,00007/02/2021Available
56Buy400 and 600 yards in Aligarh Society Sector 9A2Plot10,000,00002/02/2021Available
57BuyRequired 400 SUPARCO SocietyPlot13,500,00027/01/2021Available
58BuyRequired Al Noor Society 120 yardsPlot4,200,00016/01/2021Available
59BuyRequired 80 yards in Phase 2 Taiser TownPlot250,00011/01/2021Available
60BuyRequired Plots in Taiser Town Scheme 45 Sector 88APlot100,00005/01/2021Available
61BuyMalir Town Residency PlotPlot1,800,00001/01/2021Available
62BuyRequired 80 sq yards in Garden CityPlot2,000,00027/12/2020Available
63BuyRequired 120 Sq. Yards Plot Scheme 45 Salafia SocietyPlot2,000,00019/12/2020Available
64BuyRequired apartment in any suitable areaApartment350,00024/11/2020Available
65BuyUrgent Req. Plot 120 Sq. Yards in Scheme 33Plot4,300,00023/11/2020Available
66BuyRequired 120 sq yards House in Saadi TownHome11,000,00011/11/2020Available
67Buy120 sq yards in Saadi TownHome11,000,00011/11/2020Available
68BuyRequired 120 yards plot in Saadi TownPlot5,000,00005/11/2020Available
69BuyRequire 80/120 yards House in Scheme 33Home8,000,00024/10/2020Available
70Buy120 yard plot in Sector 17 A Taiser TownPlot250,00023/10/2020Available
71Buy1080 Sqft Required Flat in Gulshan or Gulistan-e-JoharApartment7,000,00015/10/2020Available
72BuyRequired Plot 80 TO 120 Sq yards in Scheme 33Plot3,000,00001/10/2020Available
73Buy100 yards commercial plots in Ayyubi Commercial DHA Ph 7Plot50,000,00025/09/2020Available
74Buy2 Bed Lounge in Saima Arabian VillasApartment3,500,00018/09/2020Available
75BuyREQUIRED 120 YARD HOUSE 1 UNITE OR G+1Home10,000,00008/09/2020Available
76BuyNeed apartment on InstallmentsApartment3,000,00008/09/2020Available
77BuyRequired shop for investmentShop2,500,00008/09/2020Available
78BuyNeed 200 sq.yard plotPlot6,000,00011/08/2020Available
79Buy80,120,240,400,600 required plotPlot5,000,00022/07/2020Available
80BuyRequired 120 Sq.yd portion/apartmentApartment6,500,00019/07/2020Available
81BuyNeed 200 square yards west open plot in custom society Plot6,000,00016/07/2020Available
82Buy120 Sq yards Plot in Taiser TownPlot1,200,00012/07/2020Available
83BuyRequired 120 Yards House in Bufferzone KarachiHome15,000,00001/07/2020Available
84BuyRequired 120 yards potPlot600,00015/06/2020Available
85Buy200 / 240 Yards Single Story House required in Scheme 33Home12,000,00008/06/2020Available
86BuyRequired 400 sq yard plot in Scheme 45Plot5,000,00001/06/2020Available
87BuyP.22 /250 sqyrd any location range 15Home1,500,00028/05/2020Available
88BuyNeed 400 square yard plot Plot113/04/2020Available
89BuyNeed 250 Sq Yard West Open Plot2,000,00008/04/2020Available
90BuyRequired 120 sq yardsPlot120,00019/03/2020Available
91BuyRequired 120 yard plotPlot200,00015/03/2020Available
92BuyRequired Plot in Malir Town ResidencyHome1,000,00004/03/2020Available
93BuyNeed 120 Sq Yard in Police Society Scheme 33Plot7,000,00001/03/2020Available
94BuyRok Cooperative Housing SocietyPlot5,500,00028/02/2020Available
95BuyNeed 120 Sqyd HouseHome3,500,00023/02/2020Available
96BuyAll Pakistan Teachers Society Plot200,00007/02/2020Available
97BuyRequired Apartment in Gulistan-e-Johar 80 square yardApartment7,500,00028/01/2020Available
98Buy120 squre yard plotPlot10,000,00027/01/2020Available
99BuyNeed 120 PlotsPlot6,500,00023/01/2020Available
100BuyNeeded 120 Square yrd pir Ahmad zaman town block3Plot2,100,00023/01/2020Available
101BuyRequired 120 PlotPlot250,00020/01/2020Available
102BuyNeed a shop 11*36Shop6,500,00023/12/2019Available
103BuyRequired 120 Sq Yards Plot in Saadi GardenPlot3,000,00005/12/2019Available
104Buy240 Plot in Pir Ahmed Zaman TownPlot2,500,00022/10/2019Available
105BuyNeed 100 sqy commercial Plot in Pir Ahmed ZamanPlot2,600,00022/10/2019Available
106Buy120 yard plot required in scheme 33Plot1,800,00012/10/2019Available
107BuyRequired 120 Yards in Gulshan E EllahiPlot1,675,00009/09/2019Available
108BuyRequired 80 yards in Garden City Block HPlot1,675,00009/09/2019Available
109BuyRequired 2 Bed Apartment in Bahria Town KarachiApartment5,000,00020/08/2019Available
110Buyneed plots in Gulshan-e-MehranPlot4,000,00020/08/2019Available
111BuyRequired 120 yard plot in Scheme 33Plot3,000,00017/07/2019Available
112BuyRequired 200 Sq Yard plot in Diamond CityPlot5,500,00010/07/2019Available
113BuyRequired Plot / Home in State Bank Scheme 33Plot11,000,00010/07/2019Available
114BuyPortion required 240 yards Ground floor Portion16,000,00008/07/2019Available
115BuyNeed House in Saasi Home Gulistan-e-JoharHome15,000,00022/06/2019Available
116BuyRequired 240 sqy in Pakistan Post Office SocietyPlot3,000,00011/06/2019Available
117Buy120 sq/yards house in Scheme 33Home10,000,00028/04/2019Available
118BuyNeed 120 or 80 in Taiser TownPlot1,000,00028/04/2019Available
119BuyUrgently Required 80 Sq Yards Plot in Diamond CityPlot3,300,00027/04/2019Available
120BuyNeed 120,200,240 square ft plotPlot4,000,00003/04/2019Available
121BuyRequired 2 Bed DD Flat in Block 10 FB AreaApartment25,00029/03/2019Available
122BuyRequired 120 Sqy Plot in Diamond CityPlot4,500,00029/03/2019Available
123Buy240 YARD HOUSEHome22,500,00026/03/2019Available
124BuyTaiser Town Phase 1 & 2 Plot RequiredPlot750,00006/03/2019Available
125BuyREQUIRED AHSANABAD ALL SIZE HOUSE & PLOTSPlot10,000,00016/02/2019Available
126BuyRequired 2 Bed Lounge Flat in FB AreaApartment3,500,00011/02/2019Available
127BuyRequired 120 square yardsPlot1,200,00009/02/2019Available
128Buy100 sqy Commercial Plot requiredPlot2,000,00006/02/2019Available
129BuyNeed 120 yards 2 portions or full house Portion1,500,00015/01/2019Available
130Buy80 and 120 Sq Yard Plot in Taiser Town Scheme 45Plot600,00015/01/2019Available
131BuyRequired Taiser Town scheme 45 phase 1 or 2Plot500,00014/01/2019Available
132BuyFlat Required for Investment in North Nazimabad Block K, M, NApartment4,500,00007/01/2019Available
133BuyRequired 120 Sqy Single Belt in Garden CityPlot2,000,00025/12/2018Available
134RentApartment / Flat required on RENTApartment20,00015/12/2018Available
135BuyRequired 120 Sqy in Block A/B Ahsan GardenPlot2,700,00026/11/2018Available
136BuyUrgently required Plot in Naya NazimabadPlot6,000,00022/11/2018Available
137BuyPlot Required in Ali Garh SocietyPlot2,500,00022/11/2018Available
138Buy200 or 240 Sqy Portion RequiredPortion12,500,00018/11/2018Available
139BuyRequired 2 Bed DD Apartment in GulshanApartment5,000,00011/11/2018Available

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